Commercial Litigation and Arbitration

Legal disputes take shape in a variety of ways. In some cases, insurance companies fails to treat their insureds fairly. In others, business relationships are strained when one or both parties disagree about the terms of a contract.  Or, perhaps, an investment adviser has put his or her interests ahead of their client.

Many of these disputes fall under the umbrella of civil litigation. At Lapin & Landa, L.L.P., we handle a wide range of litigation and arbitration cases in state and federal courts. Our firm is based in the Houston area, but we have helped individuals and businesses protect their interests across Texas. Contact us today to arrange a meeting and discuss your case with an experienced commercial litigation attorney.

We handle a wide range of civil litigation and commercial litigation issues, including:

  • Contract disputes: If you have entered into a contract with a business partner, vendor, employee, friend/relative or other entity and do not believe one party’s actions do not reflect the terms of your agreement, we can help.
  • Insurance claims and bad faith issues: If you have been paying your premiums and filed a claim but your claim was denied, you do not have to simply accept that result. Whether you are struggling with auto insurance, homeowner’s insurance, health insurance or something else, give us a call.
  • Other general litigation matters: Investment suitability, fraudulent activity, banking disputes or other legal disputes can all play out in lawsuits and litigation. If you are concerned about your legal interests, we can protect you.

Our firm is client-centric, meaning every recommendation we make or decision we come to is grounded in our clients’ goals and what defines success from their perspectives. Despite our emphasis on litigation and strength in trial, we know that not every case is best resolved in court. The bottom line is of great importance to many of our clients, and we strive for pragmatic, yet effective solutions to help them meet those objectives.

Contact our office today to arrange a meeting and discuss your questions or concerns with an experienced commercial litigation attorney. We can walk you through the legal process and provide an overview of what to expect moving forward.